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Why should I purchase my glass SplashBack from GC SplashBacks? 

GC SplashBacks provide a prompt, friendly service with a professional and reliable team. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and the standard of our workmanship.


Why should I select a glass SplashBack as opposed to tiles? 

Glass is hygienic and easy to clean.  

Glass offers an unlimited range of colours and designs; you can even have the look of tiles with a smooth, grout free finish.

How much do glass SplashBacks cost?

Our SplashBacks are more affordable than you think.  We offer a free measure and quote service.

Is a glass SplashBack heat resistant?

Yes, glass SplashBacks meet all safety standards for use with both gas and electric cook tops.


What types of glass do you use? 

You have the choice of:

  • Clear Float glass – suitable for most greens and dark colours as the glass has a slight green tinge.

  • Low Iron glass – suitable for neutrals and light colours. As the iron level is reduced there is less of the green tinge and this provides a more true representation of the colour you have selected.

  • Stopsol glass – for that Mirror effect in your kitchen.

  • Textured glass – gives you something different 

At what stage should I schedule a measure and quote? 

To give you a quote, we need to know the measurements and if there are any plugs or other cut outs.  To place an order we need to do an exact measure up.  At this time the kitchen needs to be completed, including bench tops, cabinetry and electrical work.


What colours can I select from? 

We can produce any colour from the Resene colour range or colour matching can be arranged for you.


How long will it take to install the glass SplashBack from the time an order is placed? 

From the time we have done our exact measurements and you have paid your deposit, installation is usually between 10 to 15 working days.  (For image prints and design work allow a further 5 days).


What are the advantages of using the colour coated glass instead of clear glass?

We use silicon to fix your SplashBack to the wall, if you want clear glass then silicon cannot be used as it will be visible through the glass.  In these cases we can fix your SplashBack to the wall using screws, however, over time condensation and sometimes insects will get in behind the glass and it will need to be removed from time to time to be cleaned.

To solve this problem, we can coat your SplashBack in a colour to match your wall, then it can be fixed to the wall as normal.


Can I use a picture that I've taken on my digital camera?


There are a couple of things you need to consider when using a photo you have taken.  

Picture dimensions – is your photo the right shape to fit onto your SplashBack.  

Quality – Images must be at least 300dpi to be enlarged successfully.  Photos taken on a DSLR camera are usually fine, however, photos taken on a cell phone are normally around 72-90dpi and do not respond well to being enlarged to be reproduced on your SplashBack.


What if my rangehood is curved?

If you have a curved Rangehood, we will take a template and make your SplashBack to fit perfectly.

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